Database Subscriptions

Database Subscriptions Price Calculation

WISPALS calculates its electronic subscription prices according to all subscribing members’ full time equivalents (FTE). The group subscription price is divided by the total subscribing members’ FTE. Each subscribing member pays according to how many FTE their institution has.

For example:

If an electronic subscription’s price is $1000, and WISPALS subscribing member X has 2000 FTE and member Y has 6000 FTE, X pays $250 and Y pays $750.

X’s 2000 FTE + Y’s 6000 FTE = 8000 FTE Total
$1000 electronic subscription price / 8000 Total FTE = 0.125
0.125 x X’s 2000 FTE = $250
0.125 x Y’s 6000 FTE = $750

Current Database Subscriptions

This is a current list of all the electronic database subscriptions WISPALS handles for its members. We are always exploring new resources and are open to suggestions from members, prospective members and vendors. Please contact WISPALS with any questions.


  • Associates Programs Source Plus
  • Engineering Source
  • Nursing Reference Center
  • Omnifile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson)
  • Scientific & Medical ART Imagebase
  • Small Engine Repair Reference Center


  • Facts on File Reference Suite
  • Films on Demand
  • Films on Demand – Nursing Collection
  • Issues & Controversies
  • World Almanac
  • Today’s Science
  • World News Digest


  • Business Insights: Essentials
  • Demographics Now
  • Gale Business Collection Bundle
  • General Business File ASAP
  • Health Reference Center Academic


  • Reference USA Businesses
  • Reference USA Residential


  • WI Selectory
  • Million Dollar Database


  • Business NewsBank
  • Global NewsBank
  • NewsFile Collection

Ovid Technologies

  • Ovid Nursing Community College Extended Journal Collection
  • Ovid Nursing Full Text PLUS


  • Agriculture Journals
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Career and Technology Database
  • CultureGrams Online
  • Nursing and Allied Health Source